Bel cloud

Bel cloud - the Exact Hosting Service on behalf of Your Company

Cloud hosting provides an array of cloud hosting as well as cloud data processing for always emerging businesses.

BelCloud's dream is to be the vital partner for businesses universal through data support. Simply put, they want to deliver the solution for each informational want imaginable - a explanation that is both flawlessly suited for the customer and most effective.

An industry-led, international hosting company with a strong focus on innovation and applied research to bring the best solutions to our business partners.

Best services:

BelCloud is committed to delivering a standard of provision and reliability unmatched in the hosting industry. It assurances network uptime of 99.999%. This Hosting Company Data Center customs redundant Cisco as well as Foundry machineries to remove any single fact of failure. Their network is multi-homed over redundant high-speed transporters which outcomes in you, the client, always being capable to count on reliable and fast connectivity to their network. Their Data Center is prepared with Battery, Power redundant CRAC plus Diesel Generator Power to confirm uptime in any condition. BelCloud Hosting Corporation preserves low general network utilization at all periods providing stability during any big internet routing issues like a DOS or DDOS attack.

 The bel cloud Hosting Company Data Center is ultra-secure by only BelCloud Hosting Corporation employees taking access to any of any server rooms. In the event a client needs personal contact to their server they will be accompanied to their server by BelCloud Hosting Corporation specialist or Account Manager who will help and monitor action. Access to BelCloud’s facility is only approved via employee key cards.

 BelCloud Hosting Corporation assurances the uptime of their network 99.999% of the time eliminating scheduled preservation.


In the event any client experiences whatever less than 99.999% uptime of the BelCloud Hosting Corporation Network an acknowledgement will be add to the account upon demand. Network downtime is well-defined as the failure to receive or transmit data because of the failure of BelCloud Hosting Corporation possessed network apparatus. BelCloud Hosting Corporation will deliver a 5% credit to the exaggerated server or shared account for every hour of downtime outside 0.1% each month. No customer might receive credits adding more than one month of facility per exaggerated server or shared account. Downtime is restrained from the time a worry ticket is opened by the exaggerated customer to the time BelCloud Hosting Corporation decides the issue to be solved, excluding planned maintenance.

 They understand that every client has unique requirements and needs, and they're proud of their customized solutions.